Mountainbike Orienteering

Cæcilie Christoffersen

COVID-19 rules our life

The last couple of months has been strange. Actually it all started in February then the Danish National Team had to leave for the yearly Training Camp on Gran Canaria. The day we had to leave  our flight was cancelled due to a sand storm from Sahara. Although we tried to find a norther way to go to Gran Canaria and we got a flight with stop over in Barcelona and we never came further. Stuck in Barcelona! Nobody can stan in the way of us as a Team so we found a way to get the best out of the conditions we had and we a actually got 5 days with great training around Barcelona. Just see the great pictures.

After an unexpected Training Camp in Barcelona a deadly virus came to Europe and it change our life and race calendar. I think you all know what I'm talking about - COVID-19. 

As and athlete it's hard to train without goals but it has actually been great to do things you normally don't do. Normally you travel around the World every weekend and suddenly you have every weekend to do what you love to do but you normally not have time for.  So I began to do things like visiting friends and enjoy the family time and most of all enjoy the nature and it's beauty when it's spring. 

Hopefully the new goals are set. I really look forward to this years European Championship in Finland in September and World Championship in Portugal in start October.  

Get well soon world - so we can get our races back!

20. May 2020

Danish Nationals 2018

A weekend full of races: Sprint, the Legend Long distance and a Middle distance. The last month has been full of things. None of them has been about biking and focus on the MTBO. Tuesday I finished my Master Thesis fully and 6 years of hard work was over and a new life can start now. With all this in mind the sprint Friday did not turned out to any good. Focus was not there yet. It tricked me to stop believe in what I am and can do on a bike with a map. I really had to find the way to stay mentally clear before the Legend Long distance. I was nervous at the start. I had to forget the past and focus on what I did right now. Stay focus: map read and control of the map before speed. The magic words. I started, the time was on. Safe to the first control and so on it worked. Wrong map drawing at the north part of the map made it hard to read. The head stayed clear and I pushed all I could. At control 13. there was a track more than on the map. It tricked me and I stood on the wrong track and could se the control on the other track. I felt the press. Would I made it good enough to improve my skills? The next control I made another mistake. One mistake make the next even bigger. At that time I really struggled to keep focus on what I had to do. I lay it behind me and started like a new race. From now of, I gave it all I have. I new I had a lot to loose and that I already had loosed a lot of time. So I kept fighting until the finish line. I could see that it was not long since Camilla Søgaard had finished her race. One of the coaches was standing at the finishline. I asked if he new how long it was since she had finished, and he said it was about 3 minutes. 3 minutes was what we had as startinterval between us, so I knew it would be very close. One sekund between us and Camilla was the lucky one. To loose with one sekund was hard. But taking the last couple of years in mind it has newer been possible to bee so close to her. I have always been 5-20 minutes behind her at the Long distance. With this in mind I was happy about my performance and could not be more proud. A silver medal was great and I knew that tomorrow there would be another day.

The Middle distance was in Viborg, relevant terrain for World Championship next year. The terrain was really good and with small steep hills and sandy tracks. I looked like it would be fun. Before the start it started to rain a lot. Everything was wet and that turned out to be a big problem. with a wet map on a wet map board. It was difficult even to read the map. I did my best, but it really slowed me. It felt like I had to stop every minute and look at the map. It result in a fast Camilla, who reached me and raced even faster. I tried to hold on and stay with her, but she got away and won the course. Another silver medal to the assembly and another Danish Nationals was over.

In one week we are off for the European Championship in Hungary. follow the Danish National Team here:

Maps from the Nationals se below

19. June 2017

World Championship in Lithuania 2017

Reflection and thanks.

After some days at home it's time to look back at the week with lot of things happening. I would like to give my view of the week. After the European championship I hadn't expected the best results but I would of cause try to do my best to fight for the good results.The week started out pretty rainy and muddy. Already at the model event the forest was muddy and all the steep climbs was quite hard to ride up at. From that point I new it would be hard. 

The middle distance was quite hard hard a pretty bad start. Hit all the maps into the mud at the time I had to get my map. I only had 20 seconds left to put the map into the map board and read the route choices to the first control. It just wasn't my day and all the rain and mud made it mentally hard to fight out at the course and a crash into a barrier made it even harder to focus on the right route choices. I did what I could and then I came into the finish the only thing I could think of was my knee. 

It hurt so much. Not even the ice could make me feel good and without pain. 17th was great from now of I could only think of getting ready for the mass start.

The mass start was a new discipline at the World Champs. I planned to keep up with the lead and did it the first map. Then I was stupid not to keep up with the new group I met at the star point. I stayed strong and made my own orienteering the next two maps. At the last map I chose to do it all by myself. Never do that!!! I thought I was smart and took a bad route choice to next control and I was behind a group again. I made up to the lead of the group and then Martina came around and took the lead in the group. I tried to stay as close behind as possible but we was riding through some mud and I got out of balance because one of the other girls was trying to get around and hit my handlebar. Suddenly I was in the back of the group. I gave it all to the finish and manage to take position in the sprint. 14th at the mass start. I knew I could better but I had still reached my goal. Top 15 at World Champs that was what I had hope for but I still new that it could have done better.

The relay was the one our team had looked much forward to. Although the teams conditions wasn't the best we all gave it what we had. A relay is about 3 good races and we wasn't able to make that. Nina had a race with to many mistakes. Like she says "it was maybe her worst race ever". I did my best to catch time out in the forest but with the longest forks and no riders by my side I new it was hard to do well. The lead was already long away. I took some positions in the forest and gave the hand further to Camilla. She did a good race but didn't make spread into it, she still took some positions and we ended up 7th. Not the position we wanted because we new we could do better thinking back at the relay at European Championships where we got bronze.

After the relay it was a strange feeling to get the motivation back in the right level but a least we had a rest day to find it back.

The preparation for the long distance had been on quite old maps. Nearly five different maps to make together to one to get a feeling off tracks and curve contours. After the mass start I new which speed I had to put into the race to get a good result. I new what my strength would be and I just had to give it all. Standing in the start box ready to fight for it all. My start wasn't the best thought I was longer than I was and took a path to early. I didn't used that long to find out what I had made and could fast be back on the right track and push hard and control the route choice to the next controls. I found the flow and took a simple route choice to the next control. Messed up again and now I really need to trust myself. I catch a group of riders there had started earlier than me and new that I had to focus even more. I made it safe and got safe to the finish line and ended up 13th very satisfied with my performance.

The sprint was the one I have had a lot of problems with the last couple of years. In long time I haven had a race there I was satisfied with my performance and with this in the mind I had to find a new strategy to make a good result. I sprinted up the first hill and made it safe to the first control. I had a great feeling of flow and every time I had to be ready with a new route choice I made it ready just in time. I can't say much about this race it just worked for me. The performance made it to 13 position again. World Championship was over and I had made my best results as senior.

Pretty stable with result like

Middle distance - 17th

Mass start - 14th

Long distance -13th

Sprint distance - 13th

I would like to thank all who had supported me through the last couple of years it means a lot then you are a student. Especially my boyfriend and family who always know what I need and support me through good and bad things. My sponsors: @222cycles for making it possible to have and awesome #whyte bike with the coolest setup. @abel-Nielsen for giving me the carbon map board which make the map stable on the bike through the bumpy forest. @vergesport for making the best clothes for riding in many hours. Thanks to the national team which it always is a pleasure to travel with and get to new highs with.

See maps below:

30. August 2017

European Championship in France 2017

The European Championship started soft with a model event and later on the Official opening of the European Championship in Orleans beautiful streets. Orleans is city surrounded of flat areas with forests looking a bit like the Danish terrain we have at home. The old maps we had used to prepare for the competition was quite simple and with some old tracking from some old competitions we could get a quite good feeling of how it would be.

It all started with the sprint in the university park where you could ride the bike everywhere and not just on the tracks. The quarantine zone was close up at the finish line so you could follow the race from the sideline at least you didn't want to follow it. I struggled with the concentration before the start and I think it affected my performance. I did nothing of what I had planned for the race. I made mistake after mistake and had the worst race ever. I could not be satisfied at all it was so long since I had made such a bad performance in a race. I ended in the 27. Position. Lucky we had a day off before the next competitions so I had time to think all the mistakes through and get ready for the next competition.

The middle distance looked quite technical on the paper. With a lot of controls I knew it could be hard and even worse than the sprint. I gave it all my focus. I could see at the start list that Martina - one of the normal medal takers was starting 2 min behind. I had to find out what I did wrong and she catch me at the course I should try to keep up with her speed. The start of the course was technically and with to stops for reading the map I was already catch up by Martina. I had to follow my plan. Her speed was unbelievable. I could nearly follow her. Lying just 20 meter behind and doing the map skills and still using her route choices. I stayed with her onto the technically part started again. I chose to slow down and come home with a good experience. I finished my plan and ended up 18th today. This race gave me a lot to think off. I knew that I had speed in my legs but I couldn't get it to fit together with my map skills. A big problem which I wanted to solve.

The long distance started from a close quarantine zone long away from the finish. I knew that if I should prove my skills today I had to ride faster than ever. I started out with confusion and instinct junction was on the map and I wasn't sure what I could go through. I decided to go around and inside the track from the back it resulted in a turn of the bike and with a course where you couldn't loose much time it was confusing to know that I already was behind from the start. I turned up the speed and went fast to the next couple of controls. I didn't make mistakes otherwise some of the tracks was quite difficult to see in the forest. I pushed and pushed but with no riders to catch in the forest it was quite difficult to keep a high speed for 100 minutes. I ended up 14th really satisfied to find some confidence with the riding before the World Champs.

The next there was up was the sprint relay. A race where everything I should have done went wrong. The only thing I could take with me from this race was the feeling of the tracks and the confidence of riding in the forest.

The last competition was up. The relay together with Nina and Camilla. We had decided that Nina should ride the first leg and then me at the second and Camilla at the third. In that way we could use our strengths the best way. Nina started out with a good performance and she made it almost back with the lead only one minute after. She sent me out with the Czech team in 4. And 5. Position. I took my map and traded it fast and afterwards I spin the pedals as much as could to catch up with the Czech team again. We separated our ways already before the first control and I got to my own and further to the second. On the way into the second control I see the lead passing behind me. Both the Finns, Lithuanians and Russians I knew now that I was close to them and just had to speed a little more up. From this I gave it all I knew this could be good. I did a great race with no mistakes and made into 3. Position and sent Camilla into the forest. The Czech team was just behind me and sent Martina in the forest as well. Camilla went out there and did a great job. The first team came in took the gold it was the Czech team crazy race by Martina. Now we could only wait for Camilla. The Lithuanian team made it into silver. We was standing and waiting and hoping to see Camilla and there she was. She was going in to bronze but she wasn't riding that fast. She came up to us and together was we running and racing over the finish line. "I said Camilla we got third" Camilla didn't believe it. She hadn't recognised that she had crossed the Finns in the forest. It was a great feeling and we was all very satisfied with our performance. This was the off the European Championship and in two weeks would the World Championship start. I'm looking forward to the goal off the season.

See maps  

6. August 2017


- Czech Repulic 5-days and Austrian MTBO Festival

I spend my summer doing what I like most. I spend it on the bike doing the mountain bike orienteering. I started my trip in Czech Republic close to Plzen. Here I raced 5 races in some technically terrain where it was possible to run in the terrain with the bike, which makes orienteering a lot more interesting. The first days weren't the best for me but as the time went through I climbed up the result list.

The last day at the hunting start I started at a 12th position ready to do my best to climb up the result list. I got out in forest with a plan just to take the free order controls the best way. The focus was on the course and to take the free order controls as they match in the course. I made it pretty good. When I came to the finish I could here speaker saying "Now we have Cæcilie Christoffersen in 5th position". So I had climbed from a 7 places up the result list.

Quite satisfied with my race after some races where everything haven been how I wanted them to be.

The last race of Plzen 5-days opened a new week with races in Austria where I stayed in Vienna. Here I spend some time in the city going sightseeing. A combination of racing and enjoying the life was on.

Austria festival started and I could feel some sickness coming up. It started with training camp in some exciting areas before the competitions took over. 3 competitions in two days: Saturday sprint and middle and Sunday long distance.

The sprint was wet and slippery. It wasn't and easy military terrain in wet conditions and with a lot of riders in the forest on the small tracks it made it difficult to pas at the tracks. It affect my route choices and I ended up in 7. position. I had to put race behind me and get ready for next. The middle distance was in a hilly area and it was really technically. I new that I could make a good result I just had to focus on the exercise and nothing else. I started as the last rider in the forest. A bad start with one little mistake to the first control. I knew that I still could perform well and did my best. To the second control I have problems with finding the tracks that just ended up at a hill. I find the track after some struggle and it leads me to the control. The track further from this control is also pretty bad and it ends up and I fight my way through the forest and end up on a track. I knew that I had to focus a lot now if still would make a good result and from this thought I could feel that it was going one way with orienteering. This way was the right way. I found control by control and made the bike work very well under my body and suddenly I was in the finish. Very satisfied with the way I could turn some good out of the race otherwise my start wasn't the best. Ended up in 5. Position even better than the sprint.

The long distance was in the same terrain as the middle distance so I knew what I had to deal with. I focus and pushed all that I could. I took some right decisions about route choices and got as few high meters as possible. A well raced race with lots of focus went well. With sickness in the mind I could at least be satisfied with the 7. Position.

This was the last competition before European Championship which started in two weeks.

18. july 2017

World Cup 1# - Austria

The first World Cup is over and it has hade it's ups and downs. 

At the middle distance Saturday I had a hard race with lots of small mistakes. Loosing the focus to many times but still my race wasn't that bad and I ended up 18.

Sunday at the sprint I had really bad preparation before the race. At the way to the start quarantine I got chain problems and the chain was ending between the cassette and wheel inside the body. I tried to fix it alone but after trying some minutes there was a Spanish and French guy who ask me if I was alright and actually not. They helped me getting the wheel of. Borrow me a multi tool so I could take the end caps of and release the chain from the cassette and body. Afterwards I got the wheel on again but could still feel the problem. I went the last part up to the quarantine where Laura helped me fixing the gear. From that moment of there was only 10 min to my start. I was stressed and the adrenaline were pumping around in my body. I needed to calm down relax and find my way to the focus. The race went very well I just made two big mistakes and as you know every second count in at sprint. I ended up 18 satisfied because of the very bad preparation I still made it that well.

Monday and the last distance was the long distance I really needed things to work after to days with nothing working as I wanted. I was focused and prepared for the map since I had been looking at and old one. I knew that it would be difficult to complete the route choices with that many tracks ending up blind. I kept me plan and every time I was near loosing the focus I could control it. I made it up with no mistakes. Stopped then I need it and still tried to push. Ended up 8th very satisfied and a happy ending of the World Cup weekend. Thanks to Rainer Burman for taking these awesome pictures 📸📷 

More info:

6. June 2017

MTBO Camp 2017

Thy - Around the Northern Jutland

The MTBO Camp was the first MTBO race of the year. Normally is there always a race in marts or start of April but not in this season. I was so excited to see how the shape would be and the map reading. Reading the map is not always easy then you haven been riding on a bike with map for a couple of months. It all went out very badly, I missed a control taken the wrong one. Not a good start but after that race I was done with that.

Thursday I had a great race with controlled speed and lots of good orienteering. Quite awesome. This only went better as I got map every day. After the camp I feel strong and has a lot of confidence, so I'm ready to go for more races and learn from every little detail in every race. You can read my route choices from the Camp below.

1. Maj 2017

A new season is starting

Since the season ended it has been a difficult time for me. Everybody knows that the winter training is one of the hardest things of the season and at the same time it's also one off the most important things to get ready for the goal off the next season.

The season 2016 has been quite long for me. It started in marts and ended in October. I have been racing a lot: SRAM Liga, XCM,, MTBO Trimtex Cup, World Cup in France, World Championship in Mountain Bike Orienteering in Portugal and World Cup in Lithuania. Maybe I have had too many races to fight at.

After this long season I had a long conversation with my mind. I mostly wanted to stop and throw all the things away I have built up the last couple off years. Beside these thoughts I couldn't stop training. The social network we have in DMK Women Elite isn't easy to let go. This social training environment is one of the reasons, why I will be riding next year, 2017. I'm not ready to given up everything. These lovely women give me my motivation in the cold winter where it's quite important to have some company at the training sessions. Without these lovely women I wouldn't be strong enough to ride my bike the whole winter.

I would like to share some pictures from our trainings the last couple of months, which is my motivation for 2017. This is what makes me ready for the season.

13. Januar 2017

World Cup 3 # - Lithuania 

The last World Cup of the year is over, there has been ups and downs and there is still a lot to work on.

Friday at the long distance I lost the focus in the last part of the course but I still managed to get into a satisfied position and ended up 23rd.

At Saturday it was time for the middle distance with at lot of controls. I took my time to read the map and keep the focus. I managed to end up 10th. So cool to see that all I did worked and that it's possible to get to the top there it is fun to be.

Sunday ended with a sprint. I never managed to get the flow. It just wasn't my day, so there wasn't much to say about the sprint.

The international season is over and there is still a lot to work on, but this season I have taken a step up at the stair and I'm ready to take some more steps in the next season and with a lot off training in the winter I will be ready for a new season - 2017 Here I come 😍🚴💪🏻

3. October 2016

MTBO Trimtex Cup

-Hvalsø & Nordsjælland 

Back in Denmark after the World Championship and time for de Danish MTBO Cup. It took place where I ride the most of my trainings. 

A sprint in Hørsholm near my home under rainy conditions. Focus, fast and safe, a race without any mistakes. Took the victory for with two minutes to Nina Hoffmann and three minutes to Caroline Ryge Carlsen. Saturday was a long distance in Hvalsø forrest. A long cource where tired legs wasn't the way to the victory. Anke Dannowsky took the victory with 1 minute. I ended up second, satisfied after a well race in the forrest. Sunday I was back home in the forrest I know very well. Nothinng went wrong and everything was like I wanted them to be so I took the victorey with 5 minutes to Nina Hoffmann. A satisfied weekend was at the end. 

16. August 2016

World Championship in Portugal 2016

World championship is over and it's time to look back at the good and less good experience I got this year. I'm not satisfied because I didn't reach my goals. After the World Cup in France with good result I had expected more. Then that is said and done I had some mediocre performance.
At the sprint I made one small mistake and I didn't pushed enough. I ended up a 24th position which was my best result last year so not that bad.

At the middle distance I had to many wrong route choice and that cost me a lot of minutes. I didn't made any big mistake but it still wasn't good enough, ended up a 19th position.

At the long distance I knew that I had to take the right route choices to get a good position but the warm conditions was to much for me. I gave everything I had and that wasn't enough. So I ended up a 24th position.

After this only relay was left and I started at the first leg and got home with the leading group. It was up to Nina and Camilla and we ended up a 4th position which I'm really happy for.

For now I'm looking forward to the World Cup in Lithuania and it's all about getting better and there is still a lot off things I can improve.

10. August 2016

A week to World Championship in  MTB Orienteering

The last month hasn't gone as I had hoped for. My frame broke then there was one month to the World Championship witch is my big goal this year. I was afraid of the consequence, could the frame be sorted and in time with only one month left. I knew that it would take some weeks to get sorted. I talked with Torben from TR Carbon in Lyngby and he could sorted in to weeks. The relief made me hope to get my frame back. A week after I broke my carbon wheel, the carbon fiber was broken three places so Torben would try to sorted it but it wasn't sure that he could sorted it so it could get tubeless again. The same week I got this cool meeting with 222cycles witch would like to be a sponsor for me. I could borrow a wheel set, Halo Vapour Carbon and try the oval Wolf Tooth Component and test if it would work for me. 

I also got the MAXXIS tires, both the IKON, ARDENT, IGNITOR and BEAVER for the next season and a XC helmet IXS KRONOS EVO. All the things is very usefull for the World Championchip. One week ago I got my frame back, beautifull and well done work from TR Carbon. The last week I been use to set up the right setup for the worl Championchip and the bike is ready now. I'm gonna be riding this beautifull MERIDA from 2012, it feels like riding a new bike so I'm ready for the World Championship who starts in one week with the Sprint distance.

18. July 2016

National Championchip 

- MTB Orienteering

Up to the National Championchip I didn't know what to expect. Camilla Søgaard hadn't been racing since she broke her elbow and we didn't know if she could get permission from the physiotherapist. At the day then it all start we knew who we were going to compete against. At Friday afternoon we was racing a sprint. I was prepared for it and knew that Skanderborg deer park was a tricky place where you should be careful and focus a lot on the orienteering. Then I started and I got the map in start moment I decided to check the whole course so I knew where to go from control to control. At the finish line I could see on the other girls split times that it has been the right to do. I was a minute faster than Nina Hoffmann at the second place, after her was Camilla Søgaard on a third place and then our young new senior girl Caroline Ryge Carlsen as fourth.

At Saturday we had our first National Championship in middle distance ever. It was exciting to see how it would be. The terrain was really technically both the tracks and the time you could read the map then you were on the bike wasn't that long, so that make the course difficult. I'm not satisfied with my performance. My orienteering was good in the first part of the course, but at the end of the race I didn't see the good rout choice and my mind began too "fuck with me". I got third two minutes up to Camilla Søgaard and one minute up to Nina Hoffmann. My first individual medal ever after being senior in W21.

Now there was only the Long distance back and I was the first on the start list in our class and I knew that if I could keep Camilla Søgaard and Nina Hoffmann behind me it would be a good result. My focus was to keep moving and know where to go. I was pushing on until the finish line and it worked. My orienteering had been good and I hadn't made any big mistakes. Now it was all about waiting for the others. Camilla Søgaard came in after 8 minute and she started teen minute behind me, so she beet we with two minutes and got the gold. I knew now that I had beet Nina Hoffmann who got third and I could be satisfied with the silver medal.

A Danish National Championship was over and I was happy about my to medals one of bronze an one of silver.

12. June 2016

National Championship 

- MTB Marathon  

The Danish national championship in XCM was in Marselisborg. I wasn't supposed to participate but I liked to so I did. It wasn't for the medal, it was for the experience and knowledge of how a long MTB race would be. The route was 33 km and there was tree loops of different terrain. Hilly terrain with technically tracks. The class I was participating in had to race two rounds, 66 km. I was excited at the start and didn't know what too expect. The race began and we had to fight for our position. After 5 km I had a crash in a burm. I had to keep on fighting and after a while I was back in my position. I felt I was strong and felt that the pace was low so I decided too turn up the pace. I was leading the group and round at the first 33 km I was taking the lead in my class. I had a good feeling off the track and felt very strong, but after. 3 hours on the bike there was 15 km left. I met the wall, there was nothing left. My speed was low and I tried to push on but there was nothing left. At the last 15 km I had a mental fight. The first rider from my class past me and the only thing I could do was to push on but I couldn't keep her back wheel,. She got away and with 5 km back two other riders past me. At the finish line I had a feeling of sadness and happiness. I did my best and that wasn't enough. So if I wanted to get a medal I had to train long disstance training. A fourth place was my position at the result list. After this race I can look back and say that next time I will be prepared for the wall and prepared not to start out feeling too strong.

30. May 2016

World Cup 1 # - France

At this World Cup I got my best result in the women elite class ever. We went from Denmark Thursday at the middle of the day. We went by car to south from Kassel where we had and accommodation at a Hotel. We slept there for the night and Friday morning we were on our way to Alsace. We arrived at the Event Center at 2 pm ready to get out maps for the modelevent and to check that everything was fine. I found out that I was in the orange group and didn't have to start early.

We drove to our camping near the Event Center to tjeck in and get our cabin, so we could pack our things out and get ready for the model event. We rode to the modelevent, so we could get and experience of the map and the terrain in France in the area Alsace. The terrain was hilly and there was a lot off vineyards, which is what the area Alsace is, know from. The vineyards were the tricky part of the maps. They were difficult to read and the orange track was difficult to find in the forest. The modelevent was muddy and very wet conditions, but we got a feeling of the terrain and it was the most important. 

At Saturday the long distance of the World Cup should be rided. A course with 13 controls spread out on 19 km in airline with 600 high meters. The carantain zone opened at 7 am and we were there at 9 am before it closed. My start was at 10:22 and I was placed in the last part of the start group and were the 13 last women going into the forest. All I should do was to know the orienteering before I could pushed on. I was ready to go and they send me from the prestart to the real start, which was in the vineyards. Here I kept focus and the race began. I pushed on from the start up the hill. I was thinking that my teammates from DMK Elite Women were in the front of me and I just had to keep pushing. The orienteering was simple and the most difficult part was to keep pushing the whole race. At the top of the hill the thunder start. I'm so scared of it but I tried to think of the focus and just kept pushing. It helped me a lot but still it got cold down the hill and I couldn't feel my fingers. I throw my thoughts of the freezing fingers away and kept my focus on the orienteering. It really worked and before I notished I was at the finish line. Coming in at the second best time. It was a crazy feeling. I knew that there were 12 riders more in the category. I had to get some warm clothes on, but I could still here the prewarning of the last group of riders. I changed and wash my bike and my self with the water. Everything was muddy and it was so nice to get some warm clothes on and get something to eat. I was really satisfied with the race "no mistakes" it was a successfull feeling. I went down to the live results and saw that I was just pushed out off the podium with 2 minutes to the 6. Place, so I got seven but it was my best result ever at the Women Elite class. I could feel the satisfied feeling in the stomach it was so great. Maps and pictures sees below.

We came home to the cabin after the race and it was time for relaxing and getting ready for middle distance the next day, so I had to close the thoughts of todays race. The bike got washed again so it was ready for the middle distance. We shopped for dinner and cooked.

It got Sunday and it was time for the middle distance. My favourite distance, 23 controls spread out on 11,3 km with 310 high meters. The map was filled with vineyards and no forest at all. I knew that it would be difficult to see the orange tracks in the vineyards, but I was prepared. I started 10:29 and got ready and half our before I found out that one of my break pads was broken and Rasmus Søgaard helped me change it. I was thankful to get the help from him and started the warm up procedure. It was my time to start today as the 18 last women in the forest. I planned to go fast then the orienteering was under control, otherwise it would end up with mistakes. I tried to push from the beginning and the hills was a lot more flat than yesterday, but we still had the same increase percentage as at the long distance. All the controls were placed in the vineyards it was just about pushing on the tracks and doing a good orienteering. I made some mistakes in the vineyards because the orange tracks wasn't as I expected it to be, it cost me some important minutes and then I came to the finish line I didn't know anything about my position and I just wanted to get some warm clothes on. I had a complicated feeling about my race. I wasn't satisfied but not disappointed. After I got some warm clothes on and had washed my bike and get something to eat I could relax. I went down to the live result and saw that I got 8. at the middle distance, I was satisfied with my position because I knew that I can do it better than this. So the feeling was good and I could relax and be happy. MAps sees below.

The only there was left now was the Mix Relay where I was going to be the first rider, Rasmus Søgaard the second and Caroline Ryge Carlsen as the third. We went our focus on the relay and tried to find the last power in our legs for the last competition. I was nervous because it was my first time on the first rounds of the 3 rounds. Nina Hoffmann wanted me to get experience with the first round so all the butterfly birds were dancing around in my stomach before start. We were all lined up ready to go for the ride. We got the map and the startshut went. We pushed on the pedals going fast to the first control. I was in the front group and to the second control I took a different routechoise than the other riders and got first to the control. To the third control I took a bad routechoise but I was still in the front group. I pushed on the whole course. I could feel that I was in the front and it went out well. At the prewarmning I was the fourth best women at the round and that just reminded me to be much more focused on the map. At the finishline I could send Rasmus Søgaard in the forrest as the   4. place. I was very satisfied about the performance. Rasmus and Caroline did it well to and together we got 20. place. Normally in the mixrelay you are one girl and two boys, so with two girls and one boys the position was quite good. The maps and picture sees below. 

First World Cup of the year was over and I was really satisfied and looking for to the World Championship in July in Portugal. 

17.  May 2016

MTBO Trimtex Cup 

- Store Dyrehave & Tishvile

After the MTBO Camp in Åhus it was time for Trimtex Cup in North Sjælland, some cool races with challenging courses and terrains. Know terrain in Store Dyrehave and new terrain in Tisvilde Vest. I took the victory in Tisvilde Vest and Caroline Ryge Carlsen took the victory in Store Dyrehave. She won with seconds and I'm glad that she has made and incredible progress and can take the victory here. The maps sees below.

2. May 2016

MTBO Camp Åhus  

The Camp off the year. Crazy good terrains and good company together with the Danish team and other young lovely peoples. The whole MTB Orienteering family was together and ready to participate in the camp competition. All the maps from the camp is below with my routechoise. Enjoy. 

25. April 2016

SRAM Liga 1 - Hammel

SRAM Liga is Danish license race for XCO, which is the mountainbike liga. The first SRAM liga was taken place in Hammel. The route in Hammel is very technically and has a lot of hils. I came to Hammel early in the morning so I could try the route and get comfortable with the tecnichally parts of the route. The race started 1:30 pm. The start shut went and all the nervous feeling I had before the start was gone. The tracks was very muddy and under the start loop I didn't have the bike under kontroll. The bike was moving againtst the mud and it was impossible to feel the flow. We came into the route and the track was much easier to bike than the startloop. I began to feel the flow and the bike working under my body. It felt good and it was fantastic to feel the flow. I passed som riders from the class and got closer to the leader. At every hill I had to press the body to the limit with everything I got.

17. April 2016

DCU Kolding

The first license race was in Kolding. A route with a lot of hils, roots, drops, and technically tracks. It was my first time I was racing in Kolding and I was biking the Women B class. The start was at 11:30 am and felt ready to race. I had races the route ones for some warm up and to remember all the important passage at the route. At the start I was focussed and ready. The start went and the legs was doing all the could up against all the hils and I could feel the bike moving under my body. A nice feeling, I was pushing as much as I could and the speed felt good. I could still feel the infection in my body. It was in hanging in my lungs and it was difficult to beef, but legs felt that good that the just speed up. I got second over the finish line in my class and took the first second place on the podium in this class. I was very satisfied with my performance.

3. April 2016 

MTBO Trimtex Cup - Kolding

In the Easter was the Easter races taking place in Kolding in the forrest Fovslet and Stenderup North. The two races was the start of the season of the Danish MTBO Trimtex Cup. The first race was at Thursday and was in windy and cold condition in Fovslet. The tracks was a bit muddy and the whole corse was 9,2 km with 17 controls. A technically corse at many small single tracks. I made one mistake at the course and some places I stop up and had a bit doubt about if it was the right track I was taking. I felt that I was week because of and infection in the neck, but the legs had the power.I was very satisfied with the race and the small mistake I made wasn't the worst. I was 2 and half minute from Camilla Søgaard and since last year I had made the percentage difference between us smaller. The second day, friday, the race was in Stenderup North where the weather was better but stil cold and windy. The course was physically, 9,3 km with 10 controls. I felt week after the half hour but I tried to push on the whole way and made the race without any kind off big mistake. I was very satisfied with the race and my performance. I took the victory with 13 seconds against Camilla Søgaard, but she wan the overall competition then the to races was set together. Two days was ended and I could look back with a feeling of a good speed and start off the season. You can see the maps beside and under:

25. March 2016

Training Camp Portugal

From the 29. February to the 11. March went the Danish National Team to Portugal. The training camp was made so we could prepare the mindness for the World Championship this summer. We lived in the city Bunhosa near the Event Center in Cantanhede, where the World Ranking Event races would take place 5. and 6. March. The days up to World Ranking Event we found some track we could follow and read on the Garmin Computer, so we could bike around in the forrest and get use to Portugals forrest and terrain.​​The terrain at the coast is similar with the West coast in Denmatk with sand dunes and soft underground. Around Cantanhede where the Middle distance would take place was the terrain with typically vineyards, forrest and a lots of tracks. Around Luso where the Long distance would take place was the terrain hilly and a lot of edge on the tracks. On our way around on the tracks we got a feeling of the tracks and the terrain, and the movie shows a short part of the tracks.

Another day we went up in the mountains south of Coimbra and this was the warmest day on our training camp. We had found a single track on 72 km and went out biking. It was hilly and a different terrain with a lot of edge there the track was crossing the whole time. We got a good flow at the single track and it was nice to feel the bike working under my body. We short cut the rute some places and were out seven hours in the exciting and different terrain. We got a feeling off the terrain and the way the tracks can be in Portugal. It was cool to feel the sun burning on the legs and get the tan, and the first sun off the new year. This was how we had exspected Portugal to be, but until this trip up in the mountain it has been cold and wet weather. The sun shined and we got a lovely colour this day. We saw a castle on our way around the track and some caves, which the you can se at images.

The World Ranking Event (WRE) went out well, it was nice to feel the speed and the technique skills both on the map and the tracks. It was a different way to use the map in Portugal, because normally in Denmark you can't just move across the tracks, but in Portugal you can bike in the terrain and cross across the tracks. This makes the orienteering much more difficult and you have to think different, then you make the plan from control to control. Some places it was obviously to cros across the tracks and as the week went through it was easier to use the new skills. You can find the two course from the WRE at the end of the site.
After the WRE the real training camp started and it was time to get comfortable with the maps and the forrest in Portugal, without having the competition element in the mind. The camp gave me a good feeling of the tracks and the terrain and the typically way the Portuguese Organisation make the courses and the Mountainbike Orienteering meeting. So after this training camp I got comfortable with the maps and the terrain and the goal from this camp was done. You can se all the maps from the training camp here:

12. March 2016

New goals and changes in my life

This year is different from the others. I'm having a break from my study until the end of April and from that time I will be study on half time until June and hopefully finish the course that I lack before I can take the last 1,5 year of my candidate "Human Physiology". The training is different and it feels good. This year I have a power in my legs that I haven't felt before. I'm feeling stronger than ever and more prepared for the challenges and from the start of this year something is very different.

Last year I got a new coach "Thorsten Breiding" and he had learnt me a lot about "what is right for me and my body" this has made me look back in my life, where I found a power and volition I got from all the things I have been though my whole life. I'am ready to fight for my goals and nobody and nothing can stop me on my way.

The break from the study makes it possible for me to be more fokus on the maps and training. I can do what I wanna do and for the first time I got a job at primary and secodary school for 7- to 16- years-old in the daytimes. This gives me time and space for better training. I can fill my time with relevant stof and training camps for preparing to the World Cup in France in May and the World Championsship in Portugal this summer in July.

Some words about my situation right now.                                                                                                                   1. January 2016