About me

My name is Cæcilie Christoffersen. I'm born the 24/5 1992.

As education I have been at Svendborg Gymnasium 2009-12 with Biology A, Sports B and Math A. As higher education I have taken at University and Batchelor in Sport 2012-2015 at Nørrealle 53. Subsidiary subject in Mathematics and taken a Master in Human Physiology 2015-2018. Since 2018 I have been teaching at UNORD - Hillerød Business school in mathematics and sport.

I'm living together with my boyfriend in Hillerød, but I'm from Svendborg, where my family lives.
I'm at the National Danish Team in Mountainbike Orienteering (MTBO), and spend a large part of my life on this. I ride MTBO for OK Øst Birkerød and I am a member of the Holte Mountainbike Klub and race for them at MTB XCO races and licensraces.

"A day without training, is day without meaning"

Training can be many things, for me it's not just biking, but also things like skateski, run a trip, dance, rollerski, play football, make strength training and so on.

 I love every single sport.